We've received this recent letter for MSM Haiti:

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus. 

We thank you very much for your prayer and support to MSM Haiti

Since the passage of the Hurricane Matthew in the Great South of Haiti, since  22 October 2016 we began to work with the children victim by the Hurricane Matthew, we have a program with 125 abandoned children without parents. 

We can say you that all these children leave under the tents and we have nothing and no possibility to continue this program. 

If during 15 March to 20 March 2016, we do not receive any assistance to continue this program with these abandoned children sometime have not nothing to eat and the situation is very lamentable for MSM Haiti.  We decided to close this program because we have no financial support to buy some rice and food to give to these children. 

Please note that we don't ask you for any financial support but if you have friends and non-profit organizations that can support this program please can you ask them to help us with financial support.

Please you don't need to be discouraged about us in Haiti perhaps God can deliver us and show us other way. 

Please help us to pray because many persons and families died with hunger and famine in Haiti. 

Many thanks for your prayers and your support. 

In Christ Jesus 

Pastor Jean-Claude Dorsainvil

MSM Haiti

The police and presence of a UN stabilisation force is intended to strengthen Haiti's long term security. However, the security situation is volatile and Haiti remains an unsafe place to visit.
Recently, a series of violent riots and demonstrations have taken place across the country in protest against rising food prices.

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